How to read your electricity meter

Story Title: How to read your electricity meter
Episode: 5
Date: 25th September 2010
Presenter: Anne Armansin

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  • Your electricity meter will be located in a box outside your home, usually attached to the side of your property.
  • Inside the box will be at least one meter delivering electricity to your home. If you have appliances connected to off-peak rates there may be another meter and perhaps a relay switch.
  • The dial type meter is the most commonly installed meter.
  • Stand directly in front of the meter so that you can see the exact position of the pointers.
  • Start at the right hand dial and then work towards the left. Record the number the pointer has just passed on each dial (dial direction is anti-clockwise/clockwise/anti-clockwise/clockwise/anti-clockwise).
                    Odometer type
Electronic/digital meters                     
  • To check your average daily consumption, take readings at the same time of the day, several days apart
  • By reviewing the meter readings over several days, you should be able to establish your daily average consumption
  • When recording your daily consumption measurements be aware of any temperature fluctuations which may cause an increase in your energy usage, particularly if you are running a swimming pool filter, refrigeration and air conditioners for extended periods
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