My Garden

Story Title: My Garden
Episode: 1
Broadcast Date: 2/3/2014
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

This has been a brutal summer in the southern states of Australia and in the north for some its drought and others flood. It is challenge that gardeners face at times. Trevor’s garden has had a pretty good time in comparison, it but it’s been fairly neglected.

Trevor’s tour

  • Mangoes grow in most places in Australia except where winter minimum temperatures average under 8C for a couple of months or more.
  • With Mango trees the key is protection from frosts, good water supply and hot summers. The trick with most fruit is watering once crops have been harvested if you want growth, or turning water off so the trees don't grow and toughen up.
  • Trevor used Scotts patch magic on his lawns last spring and the perennial rye grass is truly thanking him. The perfect time for lawn repair is April.
  • Trevor’s hen creates these amazing looking blue eggs. Researchers believe this colouration happens because of a retrovirus. The retrovirus that causes blue eggs is harmless and enters the DNA of chickens, which causes the blue pigment biliverdin to be deposited on egg shells.
  • A typical Aquaponic system will cost around $2000 to set up. It can produce close to that in fresh fish in the first year.