New York Farmers Market

Story Title: New York Farmers Market
Episode: Four
Broadcast Date: 13th April 2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

In one of the busiest cities in the world you'd be mistaken for thinking it would be impossible to get fresh produce straight from a farmer. The Union Square Farmers market in New York City blows this idea out of the water, every week supplying fresh organic produce to Wall Street's elite.

Why go to Farmer's markets?

  • Buying from a farmer's market means you can speak direct to the grower to discover what process has gone into growing the food
  • It means you can avoid harmful chemicals, buy produce that's in season and support the grower directly
  • Buying direct means the grower won't need to give a percentage of the sale to a large supermarket chain. Not only is this better for the grower but also better for you as the produce can be cheaper than at a supermarket
  • Most of the produce is picked fresh the morning of sale instead of the supermarket where you have no idea the amount of food miles that tomato has travelled
  • Farmers markets aren't just for fruit and veggies, you can also get fresh eggs, meats and cheeses. Ensuring that if you're concerned about an animals welfare when being slaughtered or a chickens living arrangements than you can find out direct from the farmer
  • To find your local farmers market click here