Clay Improvement with OCP

Episode: 1
Title: Clay Improvement with OCP
Broadcast: 23 August
Presenter: Trevor

If you have heavy soil and are struggling to grow the plants you’d like to it’s often recommended that you add gypsum to the soil, with the idea being that, after a few years of application, the soil will improve. If you don’t have years to wait however, Organic Crop Protectants Eco-flo gypsum might be just what you need.

  • Eco-flo gypsum is a natural and smart technology, and it is a liquid, which means you don't have to wait years to improve the soil.
  • Instead of carting 80kg of powdered gypsum you apply just 2 liters of Eco-flo gypsum, a fast acting liquid claybreaker and you will dramatically improve up to 200m2 of heavy soil. This should improve drainage and plant performance in your lawn and garden.
  • Best of all it’s organic and because its enriched with seaweed it improves the soils health.
  • Its also brilliant for gardens and lawns affected by salt – a great solution for those with salt water pools and suffering gardens and also the areas where you have salt rich soils because of grey water system use.
  • This also adds valuable calcium and sulphur to your soil making it fantastic around vegies and when you’ve applied this you can use the 500ml concentrate to refill the bottle and reuse it. Brilliant!

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