Two important veggie patch tasks

Episode: 2
Title: Two important veggie patch tasks with Dynamic lifter and Success Ultra
Broadcast: 30th August
Presenter: Trevor

Trevor shows us the two most important tasks you need to do right now to maintain your veggie patch.

  • Dynamic Lifter’s gentle slow release formula won’t burn plants, but it will encourage beneficial soil microbes and earthworms, so you build rich healthy soil and grow great tasting plants
  •  Caterpillars are everywhere and will be the first to get to your leafy veggies if you let them. Yates Success Ultra is the next and best generation of the popular caterpillar control and contains spinetoram which is derived from soil bacteria and has both a contact and residual effects.
  • Spray it over foliage in dry weather towards the end of the day, let the caterpillars have a chew overnight, and they will be gone within days.
  • Yates Success Ultra is also a great way of controlling apple codling moth.