What to do in the garden this week in WA

Title: What to do in the garden this week in WA
Episode: 8
Broadcast Date: 20/4/14
Presenter: Trevor

If you’ve been looking at the garden forlornly wishing the damage of a harsh summer could be mended this is the time to take action, in fact this week end is the time to act.. and this is what you should be doing..

  • Start by mowing your lawn.
  • If you’ve got weeds coming through your lawn, a quick application of weed and feed now will wipe out the major problems.
  • Remember to feed only after the mow, and if you’re using a lawn food like a locally developed blend from Baileys, make sure you water it in, or apply before rainfall.
  • Weeds are popping up everywhere in garden beds so get the hoe out; it’s great exercise and just 15 minutes three days a week will see the average domestic garden weed free and the soil looking fantastic.
  • If you haven’t mulched, now’s the time to do and if you’re planting out, mulch your garden beds first and then plant into the mulch bowling it around the new plant. WA is the only place in Australia, maybe the world you’d do this and the reason is we want water to run to our plants not away from it.
  • Now, we know it’s early on but we need to conserve every drop of water we can. Humidity levels are up, soil moisture has improved as we’ve started getting rainfall and things are starting to grow. It doesn’t matter if you have a bore, or water off the mains, the reality is we only need to water once a week now – please please please turn your controller off or change the watering days to once a week. Your plants don’t need any more and this saving will help recharge our shallow underground water aquifers earlier, the prediction is for a wetter autumn than usual so lets bank the savings early!