Standby Power

Story Title: Standby Power
Episode: 3
Date: 22 January 2011
Presenter: Anne Armansin and Kim Syrus

Our homes are filled with loads of gizmos and gadgets, to entertain and make life easier and while these are great to have, we need to consider running costs, especially when they're not being used.

Standby power - Tips and Facts

  • Standby power can contribute up to 10% household energy consumption. This is estimated to cost households up to $160 per year.
  • Learn how much power your appliances are using while they're not working for you.
  • Likely suspects you can measure with a special PowerMate energy monitor include;
    • Entertainment equipment (TV, DVD, games, set top box, foxtel etc)
    • Computer equipment (hard drive, monitor, speakers, wifi, modem etc)
    • Any appliance waiting for a remote control to turn it on
    • Some washers, dryers, dishwashers
  • Devices to use to help you turn off;
    • Watt stopper power board
    • Future Switch
    • Finger

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