Rocking and Rolling with ATI

Episode: 3
Title: Rocking and Rolling with ATI
Broadcast: 6 September
Presenter: Mel

Sometimes you want to introduce a plant into the garden that makes a real splash, something you want to dance about and this is it – Alstroemeria Rock & Roll.

  • The foliage is pretty impressive – the leaves open yellow and then fade to pure white with a deep green edge – it’s very dramatic - your eye is drawn to this plant from metres away
  • As if it wasn’t eye catching enough – then come the flowers – masses of deep red flowers which smother the whole plant and provide a great contrast to the white stems.
  • It repeat flowers from spring right through to late autumn
  • Legginess can be a great attribute but not in plants. This form grows into a compact bushy clump so there’s  no legginess here.
  • This would look great planted on mass to contrast with deep green in the garden, as an accent plant or a feature in decorative pots – plus it makes an attractive long lasting cut flower. The combination of green white and red will be a magnificent showpiece for the garden.

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