Ornamental Grasses

Story Title: Ornamental Grasses.
Episode: Six.
Date: November 21st 2009.
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane.

Native grasses make great landscape gardening plants and they are also excellent for mass planting. One of the best things about native grasses is that they are quick to establish, providing a fast and easy landscape gardening solution. Trevor show us his favourites

Featured Plants:


Kangaroo Grass ‘Mingo’:

  • An attractive and versatile low growing Australian native grass featuring stunning blue grassy foliage.
  • Thrives in most soils and are drought and frost tolerant.

Blue Poa ‘Kingsdale’:

  • Kingsdale features attractive fine, deep green, strap like leaves.
  • Ideal for mass planting in garden beds and borders.

Swamp foxtail ‘Nafray’:

  • An environmentally friendly Australian native. Excellent for attracting native birds.
  • Nafray has fine leaves, is drought tolerant and a great winter colour.

Swamp foxtail ‘Purple Lea’:

  • A showy clumping perennial grass with arching leaves and spectacular feathery flower plumes from summer to autumn.
  • Good for mass planting, borders and low maintenance gardens.

Swamp foxtail ‘Pennstripe’:

  • Great for mass plantings and borders.
  • Tolerates a wide range of soils and climatic conditions.

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