Using your clothes dryer more efficiently

Story Title: Using your clothes dryer more efficiently
Episode: 7
Date: 9th October
Presenter: Anne Armansin

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Clothes dryer health check

  • It costs around $1 in electricity to dry a load of washing in the dryer, so use the sun whenever you can - it's free!
  • Clean the lint filters after every cycle to help it run more efficiently
  • Do not overload dryers, your clothes won't tumble freely and they'll take longer to dry (and will end up more creased too)
  • If you're using the dryer cycle on a combined washer/dryer, remember they're designed to dry half the weight of the washing load (e.g. wash 5kg/dry 2.5kg)
  • Use the highest spin cycle possible on your washing machine so clothes aren't too wet before you dry them
  • Use the correct heat setting - your clothes will thank you and it helps to reduce the amount of energy consumed
  • Make sure your laundry is well ventilated - humid air can slow down drying time

Replacing your dryer
The most energy efficient dryers use new heat pump technology. In a 6kg dryer, running costs are approximately half that of same sized units.

  • If you're on a budget and use a dryer often, think about the benefits offered by auto-sensing clothes dryers. They turn off automatically when the load is dry, reducing energy waste to save nearly 20% of energy per load.
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