Fig Tree replanting

Episode: 5
Title: Fig Tree replanting
Broadcast: 20 September
Presenter: Trevor

If you have a tree or shrub In the wrong place now is the last chance you really have to transplant it and get a very high success rate.  This fig tree used to live on top of a leach drain 450 kilometres away from here in the sth west of WA in Albany. Figs and leach drains don't go together so its owner Jane said Trevor could have it. Trevor wouldn’t normally drive 450km and dig a semi mature tree out of the ground unless it was something very special… and this is a super special fig.

  • The first thing you will notice is the branches, they have a yellow variegation through them, even better the fruit when it appears is exactly the same, it's a large delicious high quality eating fruit that's got golden stripes through it, yet inside is a gorgeous pink flesh that's incredibly sweet. Best of all the fruit ripens as the deep green foliage colours and drops… leaving this incredible fruit on the tree. This is a variety called Panache and specialist garden centres might have it.
  • The trick to successful transplant of deciduous trees is transplanting when the tree is deciduous and dormant. If it's a white-sapped tree like Frangipani’s or deciduous members of the ficus family it's a great time to plants them but this trick is really important. Don’t plant the tree until the day after you dug it out – this allows the milky sap to dry around the edge of the damaged roots and seal them stopping fungal infections.
  • The most important issue for this tree will be establishing a new root system quickly and because its pretty much dormant this will mean Trevor needs to stimulate the root system to grow.
  • The secret is Seasol, and experienced gardeners and professional growers rely on it because it strengthens a plants immune system, it reduces shock, particularly dry stress and for plants with damaged root systems its absolutely brilliant at triggering strong new growth of the tiny white fibrous roots that collect moisture and nutrients from the soil… so an application over the roots as we gently fill the hole is essential.
  • Seasol is rich in plant hormones and minerals attained from a unique giant kelp species that grows deep in the ocean in Bass Strait. These plant hormones trigger strong root growth and an application every month soaking the soil will be of enormous benefit to this tree and it should reestablish a root system without setting back.

Contact: Seasol- 3 9729 6511