Reviving a tiered lawn

Episode: 7
Title: Reviving a tiered lawn
Broadcast: 4 October
Presenter: Faye

If you have a lawn that is lacking vigor, is patchy and looking less than perfect after its winter dormancy, then Baileys, a WA owned and run company, has the product you need to start using right now.

  • Baileys Lawn Reviver is a lawn top dress designed for WA conditions that will return your lawn to health by improving moisture retention and encouraging growth.
  • It works its way through the lawn profile, reaching the soil and activating microbial activity, which in turn, prevents disease.
  • Lawn Reviver has been manufactured to Australian standards, contains Grosorb, and is a Smart Approved and Water Wise product.
  • It’s simple to apply-spread over the lawn, and rake it in. Give it a good water, and you are good to go.
  • One bag will cover up to 15 square meters.

Contact: Baileys 08 9439 1688