Integrated Pest Management

Story Title: Integrated Pest Management
Episode: Five.
Date: 3rd April 2010
Presenter: Lilly Van Epen

Discover how successful an Integrated Pest Management program can be and how you can use chemical free control at home.

Featured Topic

  • Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney has one of the best success stories of an Integrated Pest Management program, due to the release of predatory insects in their Rose Garden. This garden is now practically completely chemical free. This means no more spraying to keep the bad pests away and saving a total of 20,000 litres of chemicals per year.
  • Gardeners can achieve chemical free pest control in their gardens, by releasing beneficial insects in the garden.
  • If you've got a good garden system, the beneficial insects will naturally come to your garden especially if you're not spraying chemicals, and this not only kills the bad bugs but also kills the good bugs.
  • Aromatic plants and flowering plants, in conjunction with roses, will attract beneficial bugs to your garden naturally.

Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney
Mrs Macquaries Road
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9231 8111