Seasol and Stress

Story Title: Seasol and Stress
Episode: 5
Date: 25th September 2010
Presenter: Matt Leacy

Seasol is a powerful pick-me-up for plants, a real friend during times of plant stress.


  • Seasol promotes thicker, stronger cell walls.
  • Plants are more able to cope with stresses such as heat, drought and frost.
  • Plants are more resistant to sucking insects and fungal attack. When the cell wall is strengthened the little critters have trouble getting in and have to go elsewhere for their nourishment.
  • Seasol can be used in all gardening situations and at times of the year when using a fertiliser may be inappropriate, for example during winter and at the height of summer.
  • If you 'feed' a sick or stressed plant with fertiliser, you can potentially make it worse, but you can and should use seasol during times of plant stress.

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