Ellerslie Flower Show

Story Title: Ellerslie Flower Show
Episode: One
Broadcast Date: 23rd March 2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane & Kim Syrus

Widely considered one of the top five gardening shows in the world the Ellerslie Flower Show is full of innovative design ideas and emerging designers. Guaranteed to have you walking around with your mouth permanently gaping in awe

Garden Delights

  • A real highlight of the show is looking at the student designers who have often come up with quirky, playful gardens that would make an improvement on any Saturday BBQ. Including one garden this year that had a hidden foosball table
  • The recycling theme is one that is embraced by the designers and you'll find the ideas they portray in their display gardens could be embraced at home. Such as the herb planter wall made from old pallets that has been strategically placed next to the outdoor pizza oven
  • There is always a touch of fantasy about the Ellerslie Flower Show and this year it was through a magical exhibit called the Gloaming Forest. Portraying that moment just before dusk when magical and mystical creatures come out from the forest undergrowth
  • The show is on every year in March and is a must do for any keen gardener

Ellerslie Flower Show