Yates Chelates

Episode: 4
Title: Yates Chelates
Broadcast: 4th April
Presenter: Kim

Kim teams up with Yates to help answer your gardening questions. Elizabeth from Athelstone is experiencing deficiencies with her camellias. The leaves are going yellow.

  • The yellowing of leaves on a camellia plant is an iron deficiency. For a quick greening solution, Yates Greener Iron Chelate is recommended.

  • Yates Leaf Greener Iron Chelate is an easy to use trace element, it is recommended as a foliar spray application that delivers iron directly to the deficient leaves for faster results.

  • Its foliar applications also result in much lower iron additions into the soil when compared to traditional soil drench applications, resulting in less wastage and lower risk of soil toxicity.

  • Yates Leaf Greener Iron Chelate works differently from other chelates in the way they release nutrients gradually to minimize leaf burn, stick firmly to the foliage and are rain-fast in 2-3 hours.

Contact: Yates - 1300 369 074