Guns and Manifolds

Story Title: Guns and Manifolds
Episode: 6
Date: 2nd October 2010
Presenter:  Neville Passmore

A new generation of water guns and manifolds can make real savings.

Holman's Range of Water Guns and Manifolds

  • A starter model which allows you create a jet; if you give them a shot once a day for 4 or 5 consecutive nays they get sick of the drenching and go elsewhere. 
  • More sophisticated models have multiple heads that have a range of patterns including a gentle rain that allows you to gently water new seedlings in without blasting them out of the ground.
  • It's best to use solid brass fittings, apart from being stronger and longer lasting than any plastic they grip onto the hose
  • From the manifold you can run dripline into the garden or a feed line for drippers or jets to water pot plants and hanging baskets, an ordinary hose or even a lawn watering system using a fixed sprinkler
  • You can add set and forget control by adding a timer tap to individual lines for example a dripline hose.
  • The next level of sophistication consists of a manifold with individual solenoid valves built into each outlet. These are prewired back to a controller that you can program for each of the four taps.
  • You can set it up without a plumber or electrician as long as you have an outdoor power point.


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