Living Picture Frames

Story Title: Living Picture Frames
Episode: 2
Broadcast Date: 9/3/2014
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Growing strawberries in the ground can leave them vulnerable to all sorts of pests, but if you have ever wanted to grow a crop without the impact of snails and slugs this is the best way to go about it.

A Picture Perfect Solution

  • To make the frame you will need a coco peat block, 50mm wire mesh, cable ties, some weed matting and Troforte M.
  • The amazing Troforte M. will change the way you take care of your garden. The nutrient blend in this plant food is amazing with over 60 macro and micro-nutrients meaning the healthiest possible plants and ultimately food for you to consume.
  • To water the plants creating a micro irrigation system connecting to an automated system is best. The pipe should be laid from end to end across the coco peat and dug in.
  • Using strawberry runners from a virus indexed source, cut holes into the pockets planting every third square or 150mm apart, use Seasol to settle in the new plants.
  • The strawberries will need watering every three days using this system. The system can be used for ornamental plants as well but it may take some experimenting.


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