Psychology of Colour

Story Title: Psychology of Colour
Episode: Eight
TX Date: 12th November 2011
Presenter: Kim Syrus

Interior designers use different colours to bring out emotion in the home and you can apply the same psychology in your garden with Kim's latest plant ideas.

Featured Serine Plants

  • WoolyBush
  • Dracaena Golden Dragon
  • Dianella Cassa Blue
  • Dianella Utopia
  • Metrosideros Lemon Twist
  • Coprosma Marble Queen

Featured Romantic Plants

  • Rose

Featured Fun Plants

  • Cordyline Electric Pink
  • Leptospermum
  • Nanum rubrum
  • Civic Pride
  • Hot Pink Bottle Brush

Featured Elegant Plants

  • Giant Blizzard
  • Echevaria Topsy Turvy

Featured Colour Plants

  • Erica Fire Heath
  • Erica Pink Hairy heath
  • Mandevilla Crimson Fantasy
  • Viburnum Odora Tisum

Featured Natural Plants

  • Eremophila peaches and cream
  • Rice flower