3.1.1 Plus Lawn Fertiliser

Episode: 9
Title: 3.1.1 Plus Lawn Fertiliser
Broadcast: 18th October
Presenter: Darren

A lush, healthy green lawn remains a West Aussie icon but thankfully we’re all a bit smarter about how we go about growing one. The days of piling on the fertilizer and then pouring on the water are long gone, clever gardeners understand the importance of a targeted feeding program and value our most precious resource, water.

  • Bailey’s 3.1.1 Plus is a mini-sized, fully granulated lawn fertilizer formulated with Western Australia’s unique and testing conditions in mind.
  • The mini size allows the granules to fall through the leaf mass of the grass and ensures the nutrients are delivered directly to the root system where it is needed.
  • As with any fertilizer application rate and frequency are really important, 3.1.1 Plus should be applied to the lawn every 6 to 8 weeks, right through the warmer months, at a rate of as little as 30 grams per square.
  • It’s reassuring to find the Smart Approved and Waterwise approved logos on the bag of 3.1.1 Plus, in fact it is the only lawn fertilizer in Australia to have achieved this level of accreditation.
  • 3.1.1 Plus has been designed in WA for WA conditions, formulated to deliver the perfect nutrient mix and, with the addition of Grosorb, to make the best use of available moisture.

Baileys http://www.baileysfertiliser.com.au 08 9439 1688