New Turf Introduction - Sapphire

Story Title: New Turf Introduction - Sapphire
Episode: Four
Date: 27th March 2010
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Discover the softest beautiful grass that will add softness to your garden.

Sapphire Lawn

  • Has the deep colour of a buffalo turf, is the softest of all buffalo, yet unlike normal Buffalo Sapphire has a finer texture.
  • When mature it folds its leaf in half, making it look so much finer than Buffalo.
  • Recently in an independent Australian research, Sapphire rated number one in shade compared to all other  lawns. 
  • Sapphire rated very well in all aspects of the research, scoring in the top categories for wear tolerance recovery, winter colour, and herbicide tolerance.
  • To keep such a special lawn as Sapphire looking good it's best to use a specialist Buffalo mower like Honda. The extra power is made to easily mow the tougher denser more beautiful lawns like Sapphire. If you mow regularly and relatively short with the Honda mulching Buffalo Mower the Sapphire will even look finer and more beautiful.


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