Growing Cycads

Story Title: Growing Cycads
Episode: Seven
TX Date: 7th May 2011
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Cycads have existed for around 300 millions years and are make a stunning feature in any garden, Trevor features the key to growing cycads at home.

Tips and Facts

  • Hotspots of the Cycads diversity are found to be in Australia, China, Vietnam, South Africa and Mexico.
  • Cycads have existed since the dinosaur era. The leaves on Cycad's are sharp course-textured stems.
  • Cycads are a remarkably adaptable plant, growing from steaming heat to the dry rock of the desert.
  • The most commonly grown Cycad is the 'Cycas Revoluta' commonly known as the 'Sago Palm.'

Featured Product

  • Biowise Soil Conditioner

Featured Plant

  • Cycas Revoluta
  • Dioon
  • Encaphelatos
  • Bread Palm
  • Macrozamia Reidlei

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