Repotting time

Story Title: Repotting time
Episode: 1
Broadcast Date: 2/3/2014
Presenter: Trevor

Spring is when many of us pot our plants up but autumn is when after a long growing season they need some TLC.
The average pot plant needs its soil replaced every two years if its to look fantastic again in spring time.


  • When repotting its important to knock the majority of old soil off the root system and remove the roots at the base of the old pot structure by pruning them away. This will stimulate fresh new root growth which in turn will promote foliage and flower growth.
  • If your potting mix costs under $5 its highly likely the plant will not do that well. Potting mixes can be a combination of sand and blackend saw dust or rich in composted pine bark and organics and controlled release fertiliser that will provide sustained plant growth for months and months. Check out Scott's professional potting mix guide to find out what’s best for your plants.
  • Repotting is one of the most important things a gardener can do now. If your plant hasn’t been repotted in the past two years, do it this weekend.