Seasol – Healthier Roots

Episode: 5
Title: Seasol – Healthier Roots
Broadcast: 11th April
Presenter: Mel

Mel explains how Seasol can improve your plant’s root systems for healthier fruiting and flowering.

  • Studies have shown that the kelp extract in Seasol substantially increases root growth, which not only improves transplant survival but also creates plants with bigger root systems with more access to water and nutrients.

  • Seasol influences the plant’s ability to withstand things like heat and disease.

  • If you’re planting this season’s annuals, give the young seedlings a good health boost with Seasol.  Soak your punnets in a solution of Seasol (90mls Seasol in a 9L bucket filled with water) for 20 minutes before planting and they’ll have the boost they need to grow healthily.

Contact: Seasol  +61 3 9729 6511