Magnolia Fairy Cream

Story Title: Magnolia Fairy Cream
Episode: Three
Broadcast Date: 17th March 2012
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor speaks to a nursery expert, whose plants are grown throughout the world.

About the Magnolia Fairy Cream

  • Otherwise known as the Fairy Magnolia this new breed of Magnolia was originally called ‘Michelia’ but has now been added to the Magnolia family.
  • This beautiful plant was bred by New Zealand breeder Mark Jury.
  • This Magnolia is quick to grow and will produce flowers from the very first spring.
  • No other bush puts out as many delicate and delightful fairy like flowers as the Magnolia Fairy Cream, it’s also been known to spot flower throughout summer.
  • The bush itself has stunning, glistening green foliage that remains on the bush year round.

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Magnolia Fairy Cream


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