Sweet Flowers

Story Title: Sweet Flowers
Episode: Four
Broadcast Date: 07th & 14th September 2013
Presenter: Chloe Thomas

Need that last touch for your home baking? Chloe has just the thing. Edible flowers, and it's easy! Your local nursery will have at least one edible flowering variety that you can bring home and turn into a tasty decoration.

Sweet Delight

  • When choosing edible plants home grown is always best, you'll know they haven't been sprayed with any chemicals
  • You can eat edible flowers raw and all natural, try adding them to your favorite salads or with a few ingredients turn them into a sweet cake decoration
  • Rose petals, violas, violets and mint leaves are just some of the plants you can turn into an edible delight
  • Beat an egg white till it forms bubbles, lightly coat the flower or leaf then sprinkle with caster sugar
  • They will need to dry for about 12 - 24 hours depending on the plant used
  • Store these delicious decorations in an air tight container, they will last for a few days