Holman Weather Station

Episode: 2
Title: Holman Weather Station
Broadcast: 30 August
Presenter: Kim

With Fathers Day looming, you may be looking for a present inspiration beyond the usual sock and jocks. Kim has been scouting around and has found something that he reckons ticks all the boxes, in fact it comes in a box. It’s a Holman iWeather Weather Station. Your very own Bureau of Meteorology.

  • The Holman iweather weather station is a sophisticated piece of equipment that’s so easy to use. There are two main elements.
  • An indoor wireless monitor and the outdoor components that combine to record a whole range of climatic data, and putting it together is very simple.
  • The beehive looking unit is both a thermometer and a barometer recording both the temperature and barometric pressure.
  • The cup is a rain gauge.
  • The spinner, registers the wind speed and this vein, the wind direction.
  • Place the unit away from any large trees or buildings that may influence any readings. On top of the house or Pergola are generally good spots.
  • Just remember to align the unit so the wind direction starts off north.
  • There are loads of information to read on the monitor; temperature outside and inside, and there’s even a comfort zone alarm you can set that will remind you to turn the air-conditioning or heating on or off.  It also measures humidity over last 12 hours, rainfall, wind direction and speed and barometric pressure.
  • This iweather weather station also tells you the moon phases, which is important to those that garden by the lunar calendar. And the monitor even has a clock. It’s got everything.

Contact: Holman Industries 08 9204 1011 http://www.holmanindustries.com.au