Egg Drizzle

Story Title: Egg Drizzle
Episode: Six
TX Date: 30th April 2011
Presenter: Clive Larkman

The beauty of Thyme is that it can be used as a cooking ingredient and a hardy plant that looks great in your garden. Clive features another tasty way to enjoy herbs in the kitchen.

Tips and Facts

  • In addition to its calming effect in stress-related conditions Thyme baths have been used to relieve aches and joint pains.
  • For healthier growth it is important to trim your Thyme after flowering and also remove the dead flowers.
  • There are over 100 varieties of Thyme, with most common being 'Garden Thyme and 'Lemon Thyme'.
  • Although the flowers on Thyme are small there are plenty and produce copious nectar, making Thyme Flowers a favourite of the honeybee.

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Lemon Thyme

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