Ecomind Electricity Monitor

Story Title: Ecomind Electricity Monitor
Episode: One
Broadcast Date: 23rd March 2013
Presenter: Kim Syrus

Every few months, an ever-depressing piece of paper arrives in the mail, the electricity bill. Now, if yours doesn't scare you, good luck, because for the rest of us it certainly does. Thankfully there are plenty of smart ways and some very smart products that can help reduce your bill

Saving your pennies

  • Understanding your electricity consumption is the first step towards reducing the bill however the meter box doesn't exactly spell it out in black and white
  • Installed by a licensed electrical contractor, the Ecomind Electricity Monitor helps you analyse, manage and take control of energy consumption to reduce power use and save on your electricity bills
  • You can also set and track electricity consumption targets, manage and plan demand and graphically display and monitor your electricity usage on your computer
  • This device will help you to know what power is being used and then you can implement solutions that can save you money right away
  • Start by turning off lighting and appliances around the home that you are not using. DVD players, TV's, mobile phone and computer chargers all use power in standby mode
  • For more great energy saving products click here

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Ecomind Electricity Monitor

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