Improving Rehabilitation

Story Title: Improving Rehabilitation
Episode: Five
TX Date: 23rd October 2011
Presenter: Matt Leacy

Have you ever wonder what happens to your waste once it is collected? In Raymond Terrace (NSW) the organics embedded in the residents general waste bins are recovered at the SITA advanced resource recovery facility, and then turned into quality compost for a sustainable rehabilitation of the nearby mine-sites. Matt features the SITA Organics Rehab-ARRT™ compost – including the manufacturing at the SITA Facility, and the application for rehabilitation work at one of the mine sites in the Hunter region.


  • Rehab-ARRTTM   is a composted soil improver manufactured specifically for use in mine-site and roadside rehabilitation.
  • SITA Organics products are derived from a variety of organic-rich feedstock streams and are fully pasteurised, ensuring they do not contain weed seeds, pathogens or plant propagules.
  • Rehab-ARRTTM   is produced in our Advanced Resource Recovery Technology (ARRT) facilities. These facilities ensure that organic matter embedded in household waste is recovered and processed into quality-composted products. Through the use of ARRTs, what used to be seen as waste, we now treat as materials for recycling and resources for renewal.
  • Benefits derived from the use of recycled organic products include:
    • Amendment of poor quality topsoil
    • Partial replacement for depleted topsoils
    • Reduced fertiliser requirement
    • Enhanced soil water retention and increased lateral spread through soil profiles
    • Natural buffering of soil pH
    • Moderating soil temperature variability
    • Increased organic matter
    • Improved nutrient cycling within the soil
    • Increased soil biota, and
    • Enhanced overall soil health and productivity

SITA Organics products are produced by SITA Australia, (SITA) - the Australian leader in resource recovery. SITA is the largest processor of urban generated organics in Australia, producing fit-for-purpose organic products that meet customer needs in specific applications all around the country.

SITA's products represent an environmentally responsible solution to the management of garden and food organics and ensure nutrients are returned to the earth to promote future plant growth. All products are manufactured under a quality management system.

For more info on their range of organics composted products for application on sporting fields and park garden beds; vegetable, fruit and wine production; agricultural crops and pasture; road and mine-site rehabilitation; and home gardens,

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