Water from the sun

Story Title: Water from the sun
Episode:  7
Presenter: Kim
Broadcast Date: 13/4/14

When you turn on the hot water tap, you expect hot water, that’s a given. But have you ever stopped to think about how much this actually costs you? You may be shocked to know that water heating accounts for around 25 percent of the average Australian household’s energy use. If you want to cut down on this figure, a Solahart hot water system could be for you.

  • There are certainly ways to reduce how much hot water we use in the home – shorter showers and running your washing machine on cold cycles, however the best way to really bring those energy costs down down is with a solar water heater.
  • Like many Solahart users, Michelle recognized the environmentally friendly and financially smart reasons behind installing her system.
  • If you have a small roof space that won’t take a roof mounted model such as Michelle’s, then a split system with Collectors up here and a storage tank on the ground work well to give you cheap hot water.
  • The system will continue to work during the wintertime thanks to an electric booster that heats the water if needed.
  • A Solar hot water heater you could save up from 50% to 90% off your present water heating energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 3 tonnes per annum, which is the equivalent of taking a 4 cylinder car off the road.