Melissa’s Garden

Story Title: Melissa’s Garden
Episode: 1
Broadcast Date: 2/3/2014
Presenter: Melissa King

Melissa has taken on a blank canvas waiting to be transformed into a beautiful garden. Spending the last few months planning and sketching out concepts, Melissa has made a plan on how to fit all of the design ideas into a small space.

Starting from Scratch

  • Have a sloping garden space? A deck is a practical solution to level it out.
  • The right trees are the foundation to a great garden, make sure you do your research on what trees fit your climate and space. Check out Flemings Nurseries’ help guides for the right advice on what will suit your garden.
  • Be sure to create a garden you have time for, be as practical or as adventurous as you think will suit your lifestyle.
  • Make sure you take into account your light source and which way its facing when planning out your new garden. Find more tips on our website.