Flowering Bulbs

Story Title: Flowering Bulbs
Episode: Seven
TX Date: 7th May 2011
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Nothing says spring like flowering bulbs, they are incredibly fresh and brightly coloured. Trevor visits his local bulb wholesaler for a variety of bulbs to plant now and how to do it.

Tips and Facts

  • When storing your bulbs in the refrigerator be sure to keep them away from ripening fruit. The gas emitted by ripening fruits can destroy bulbs.
  • Bulbs will rot in standing water so when planting avoid areas prone to flooding such as, bottom of hills or under drainpipes.
  • In the Victorian language of flowers the Hyacinth flower symbolises sport or play and the Blue Hyacinth signifies sincerity.
  • There are between 50 to 100 species of daffodil in cultivation, with a wide range of sizes, colours and bloom times available.

Featured Products

Featured Plants

  • Hyacinth
  • Freesias
  • Assorted Spring Flowering Bulbs

Trevor gets his bulbs from,
Allen's Bulb Farm
195 Tannah Way
WA 6082
Ph: (08) 9572 1541