Meet Jones Potatoes

Story Title: Meet Jones Potatoes
Episode: Six
Broadcast Date: 28th September 2013
Presenter: Kim Syrus

Gordon Jones, owner of Jones Potatoes has been growing potatoes in Warragul, in Victoria's West Gippsland for four generations and is a passionate spud man. Kim takes you on a tour of the farms and learns a lot more about potatoes.

Potato, Potatoes

  • Gordon says when buying the best potatoes look for firm potatoes
  • Avoid mechanical and insect damage, be aware not to buy anything with signs of greening and some sprouting is okay
  • The secrets to growing potatoes is good soil, good seed, good weather, not too dry or too wet and a little luck
  • Gordon sells his potatoes via processing potatoes, wholesale at the markets and now online with Farmhouse Direct. This gives Gordon the opportunity to deal directly with the customers Australian wide and for the customers to contact Jones Potatoes directly
  • To get find out more about Jones Potatoes and support your local growers visit the Farmhouse Direct website