Scotts-lawn builder

Episode: 3
Title: Scotts-lawn builder
Broadcast: 28th March
Presenter: Trevor

One of the greatest revolutions in lawn care has been the introduction of slow release lawn foods. Trevor explains how Scotts – Lawn Builder benefits the environment with a slow release fertiliser.

  • Research shows that granular lawn foods were not great for the environment because they would release the nutrients fast and hard. Much of the food you apply would be flushed below the lawn roots before they could take it up.
  • Lawn builder changed everything, instead of throwing 20 kilograms down on your lawn; you only need just a few grams per square metre and that slowly releases over the months.
  • This product revolutionized the way lawns are cared for and today the world’s leading sports grounds, golf courses and ovals use it.
  • A feed now, before the winter months, will encourage growth and this should cover patches, avoiding weed invasions. Meaning a stronger, hardier and healthier lawn in spring.

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