An introduction to Wanneroo Botanic Gardens

Episode: 5
Title: An introduction to Wanneroo Botanic Gardens
Broadcast: 11th April
Presenter: Calinda

Calinda gets back in touch with nature by visiting Wanneroo Botanic Garden, an inspiration for designing your own garden.

  • Only 25 minutes north of Perth, Wanneroo Botanic Garden is open all year round, and you don’t need to be a garden lover to enjoy this exotic destination.

  • Combined with a mini golf course, ice creamery and restaurant, Wanneroo Botanic Garden is a place that all the family can enjoy.

  • The Wanneroo Botanic Garden and Mini Golf Course opened officially in 1981 and there is little evidence of the park’s humble beginnings. Today, over 500 species of plants and trees are home to a large array of native birds and wildlife.

  • Work commenced in 1974 to develop two hectares of what was essentially sandy scrubland North of Perth. The garden required thousands of tonnes of organics to improve the soil, 700 tonnes of limestone to apply extensive water features and reshape the landscape, and thousands of plants over a long period of time.

  • As the garden matured, it has revealed the true genius of the original design. The garden room’s creative pairings of colours, textures and species all combine to create a truly unique garden experience in Western Australia that shouldn’t be missed.

Contact: Wanneroo Botanic Gardens – (08) 9405 1475