What to Plant Now

Story Title: What to Plant Now
Episode: Five
Broadcast Date: 21st September 2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Frosty mornings are virtually over meaning this is the perfect time for planting seedlings. Trevor provides advice for gardeners from selecting the right plants to handy tips when planting.

Weekend in The Garden

  • Make sure your soil is healthy by incorporating organics or Troforte M into the topsoil. You will be seeing good growth almost immediately
  • There are many varieties of seedlings to choose from such as corn, melon, carrots and tomatoes
  • This is the perfect time for planting tomatoes. Using a trellis or stake ensures the developing plants only need to be tied up occasionally
  • Seedlings are a convenient way to grow veggies. When it comes to planting, ensure the seedling is 75% the height of the label. If it's too tall your plant will be root bound, too small and the seedling can suffer from root damage
  • A good tip, buy your seedlings in sell pack punnets, breaking the seedlings apart in trays damages the roots and results in loses
  • Help your plants settle in with a dose of Seasol. This will help reduce the transplant shock, stimulate healthy root growth and deliver great results

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