Osomocote Garden Soil

Episode 4
Title: Osomocote Garden Soil
Presenter: Kim
Broadcast Date: 23/3/14

What do you do when you have a well-established tree that is sitting in old soil? Sometimes repotting plants into new soil is simply not an option-Kim comes to the rescue with a few handy hints, a very handy tool and some great potting mix.

  • There are plenty of times we need to top up the garden soil, maybe you’ve taken out a tree left a big hole or possibly removed a rose and wanting to plant another in its place, if that’s the case, you’ll need to remove around half a wheelbarrow of existing dirt and add some fresh soil to avoid rose sick soil.
  • Other situations where extra soil is needed include dropping levels or perhaps wanting to raise the garden bed.
  • Potting Mix, as good as it is in pots, is not a replacement for soil. You want like for like if you want your trees, shrubs, perennials, vegetables and bedding plants to thrive.
  • Look for products that are designed to be mixed into existing soil.
  • ScottsOsmocote contains the additional benefits of 6 month controlled release Osmocote.
  • It also contains the wetting agent Hydraflo2, that dramatically increases the penetration of water and nutrients along with good old reliable gypsum.
  • It is sometimes the case that it doesn’t seem to matter how much fertilizer or water you put on your garden, the plants just don’t seem to respond. That’s particularly true of gardeners in some homes where imported topsoil is sometimes lacking nutrient, organic matter and microbes.
  • If that’s the case, the 30 kg bag of Scotts Osmocotegives you plenty to spread around. Work it into the top 10-15cm. This will rewet water repellent soils and mix through the controlled release fertilizer to give plants a 6 month nutrient boost.