Mitre 10 – Grow a Cottage Garden

Story Title: Mitre 10 – Grow a Cottage Garden.
Episode: Six.
November 21st 2009.
Neville Passmore.

In week six of the Mitre 10 Projects, Neville creates a cottage/fairy garden so Mikenzee can enjoy the beautiful flowers and their perfume.

It’s easy to undertake projects such as these with the help from Mitre 10. Mitreplanner #88, “Grow a Cottage Garden,” will provide you with all the instructions so you too can have a beautiful cottage garden.
Your local Mitre 10 store will not only supply you with all the products you need, but will also give you expert advice and friendly service. Here you will you find rose arches, cottage tables and chairs, cottage plants, fairy lights and much more.
For more information, download the full planner here, visit or visit your local Mitre 10 store.

Thanks to the following companies for helping Mikenzee’s fairy garden dream come true:

  • Albi Imports- New Norfolk Candle Holder
  • Mirabella International-Solar Fibre Optic Garden Sticks, Fairy lights, Red lanterns
  • Northcote Pottery-café style lunar bowls.