Getting Ready for Spring

Story Title: Getting Ready for Spring
Episode: Five
Broadcast Date: 21st September 2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Spring is happening; veggies and fruit trees are starting to flower and in some cases starting to produce fruit. One place Trevor enjoys visiting is Jetto's Patch. It's an inspirational garden; once a typical backyard its now a food factory with every square metre covered in edible plants.

Jetto's Magic

  • Dario's garden is packed with many different fruit trees including the Mulberry Tree, having two different varieties the Hicks Fancy and Black English, Dario makes a lot of Mulberry Jam!
  • The Chili Coyote or commonly known as Perennial Squash is another favourite at Jetto's Patch. A member of the pumpkin family, Dario recommends the smaller the squash the better the taste
  • Another fantastic tree at Jetto's Patch is the Gold Finger Banana Tree, the two year old tree is only starting to produce crops and soon will be ready for a packed lunch
  • Jetto's Patch has a Facebook Page that is visited daily by Australians and people overseas, sharing pictures and asking for help from Dario or Michelle when needed
  • For more information about Jetto's Patch visit the Jetto's Patch Facebook page