Plant feeding

Episode 4
Title: Plant feeding
Presenter: Kim
Broadcast Date: 23/3/14

Your plants are hanging out to impress you with great bursts of colour, or maybe with some fruit. Help them look beautiful by giving them a good feed, right now! There is one really easy way to do this, and that is by using the great range of Troforte M fertilizers; Kim shows us how, and why, they work.

  • Lawns grow, not flower, so they need a fertilizer high in nitrogen
  • Make sure you any fertilizer after mowing-you don’t want a mower full of this stuff-keep it on your lawns!
  • Always apply TroforteM to a dry lawn
  • TroforteM contains thatch-eating microbes that will take the spring out of your lawn
  • Flowering plants also need nitrogen for growth but they also need potassium to flower-striking the right balance is what a quality fertilizer is all about.
  • Potassium also strengthens plant’s cell-walls, thickening them up and making them more resistant to pests
  • If your roses are only flowering twice a year, chances are, they are very hungry. Fix this by applying a fertilizer every month between September and March.
  • If you are using Trofotre M for roses, however, you will only need to apply it three times a year; September, January and March.
  • Now is also the time to feed your native plants and your fruit trees.