Environmentally friendly gardening

Episode: 10
Title: Environmentally friendly gardening
Broadcast: 25th October
Presenter: Chris

If, for some reason, you wanted the recipe on how to best pollute our beautiful rivers it would actually be pretty simple. Set up on the worst leaky sands found anywhere on the planet, throw on famous and much loved fast acting fertilizers, then a healthy does of overwatering and presto! You would set up a pollution juggernaut that would make the Exxon Valdez blush.

  • Sadly that has been how many of us have inadvertently gardened for the last 120 years. Our great city founded on the poorest sands in the world has been steadily and profoundly leaking and it is a tragic fact that the main ingredients of our fertilizers morph into terrible contaminants if we let them run off or slip below the top 20 – 30cm depth in the soil.

  • How doe we get the balance right? Step one – No fertilizer will be any use at all if our sands are water repellent. Make sure you break up the dreaded waxy layer so the water and your nutrients can get into the soil where they need to be.

  • Step two – Only use slow or controlled release fertilizers that are low in Phosphorus . You shouldn’t need a whole shed full of different products – just a general purpose fertilizer for the garden plants and a specialist slow release fertilizer for your lawns.

  • Step three – You can unravel all this good work if you don’t use the right amounts at the right time. Late Autumn and early Spring are the perfect times to feed plants as that is when they are actively growing and you have less chance of heavy downpours washing all your product away.

  • No matter how hard it seems, try to FOLLOW the INSTRUCTIONS, they’re there for a reason.