Native shrubs to plant out now

Story Title: Native shrubs to plant out now
Episode: Nine
Date: May 1st 2010.
Presenter: Brooke Stanway

Brooke gives us a few tips for the best native shrubs to plant out for Autumn and how to give them a real boost with Powerfeed and seasol planting gel.
Brooke's tips:

  • Autumn is one of the best times to plant your native garden as the rains have started and after a hot summer, there is still some heat in the ground to get your plants root system thriving.
  • Once you cut back a plant in the garden, add some power feed. Although it is not technically a fertilizer, I would strongly recommend giving your garden a boost of this wonderful product as it contains macro nutrients, fish and liquid composts. This promotes healthy root growth and it conditions and nourishes the soil.
  • Recent studies have also proven that power feed can protect your plant against heat stress, which as we all know, is a very important part of Australian gardening.
  • When you plant, try spreading Seasol's planting gel at the bottom of the hole. It works wonders, it absorbs, retains and delivers water for up to 5 years and gives the plant a real boost in the first 4 weeks as it releases seasol.
  •  The native hibiscus (Alogyne hueglii ) is a fantastic hardy shrub and comes in purple (west coast gem), pink and white forms. Plant this gorgeous shrub now so it is established and ready to flower in winter.
  • The westringia, known as coastal rosemary is also a fantastic native plant. It is so versatile as a hedge or shrub and comes in mauve (wynyabbie gem) and white (fruiticosa) flower forms. There is a dwarf variety (jervis gem) which is great for a small hedge or now an even newer variety, Westringia flat and fruity. Flat and Fruity is a ground covering coastal rosemary and spreads about 1m with a mass of white flowers in spring. 
  • Grevillea's are great for autumn flowers if you choose the right variety. Try Grevillea Mt Tamboritha.

A special thank you to:

  • The Garden vineyard in Moorooduc for their stunning garden location. For more information on this beautiful location, see the website:
  • Tavistock wholesale nursery for supplying most of the plants.

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