ATI- Plant of the week-Volcano Phlox

Title: ATI- Plant of the week-Volcano Phlox
Episode: 3
Broadcast Date: 16/03/14
Presenter: Anthony and Mel

It’s an old plant with a new name and a new look. This week’s Plant Of The week is a Volcano Phlox. Tune in to see how it can make a difference in your garden.

A Volcanic backyard.

  • The Volcano Phlox are even better and easier to look after than the traditional Phlox for a few very good reasons;
  • There is no disease on them
  • Once they have finished flowering, you can cut the plant back by a third and it will come back and re-bloom the next year
  • They come in lots of different colours such as mauve, white, red, mauve-blue, blue with white centers.
  • The best way to plant this in your garden is to plant between three and five in a clump, and have three or four of these clumps throughout the garden, adding spots of colour wherever you look.


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