How to make your plants more resilient

Episode: 3
Title: How to make your plants more resilient during the summer months
Broadcast: 28th March
Presenter: Mel

Mel uses Seasol to make her plants more resilient to heat stress.

  • Overall trials have shown that Seasol helps plants to establish, grow, fruit and maintain better plant health when facing different stresses like heat.
  • Seasol stimulates the root system, which is important for plants because they can access more resources like moisture in the soil.
  • Seasol treated plants also take a lot longer to wilt in the heat.
  • Not only does Seasol work for warmer weather, it can be used all year round. Watering the garden with Seasol solutions after the heat will help to aid plant recovery.
  • Seasol is a safe product that can be used on everything, including your native plants.

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