Story Title: Clotheslines
Episode: Nine
Date: May 1st 2010
Presenter: Kim Syrus

Gardens are places to play or relax, to work and enjoy, but they also need to be practical. The clothesline is an essential item that can easily be missed when designing a new yard. We're going to look at a number of different types, check out their features and what best suits different sized families and gardens.

Featured Products:


Hills Rotary 7

  • If you have the space, a rotary type like Hills Rotary 7 is the one to look at. They are highly efficient clothes dryers and easy to install. When installing, make sure that any garden bed or tree is at least one metre away from the outer edge. That way any clothes won't get caught and damaged on those windy days.
  • Not only does this rotary clothesline fold out to take the clothes, it also folds away giving back plenty of garden space. And if you really want all the space, then it can simply be removed, to be replaced after that all important cricket match.

Hills Supa Fold

  • For courtyards or small gardens then look at a fold out clothesline like Hills Supa Fold. These come in a range of different models ideal for both small and medium families. They can be wall mounted or free standing.
  • The good thing about these folding clotheslines is once the washing is off, a quick pull and they disappear, opening up the space for others to use.

Hills Extenda 6

  • If you have a long area and a large family then a retractable clothesline like Extenda 6 is the one for you. To use, simply pull out the line and extend to a fixing point. Like the fold out type, once the clothes have been taken in, then unhook and retract, giving you your garden space back.


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