Potted Chrysanthemum

Story Title: Potted Chrysanthemum
Episode: Six
TX Date: 30th April 2011
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

One flower making a come back this season is the Chrysanthemum. This plant originates from China and was adopted in the 8th century as the crest and official seal of the emperor of Japan.

Tips and Facts

  • In China and Japan the Chrysanthemum flowers are associated with happy emotions. The red flower symbolises love, yellow stands for new opportunities and the white represents truth.
  • Apart from their visual appeal, chrysanthemum flowers are also used to make chrysanthemum tea, which is considered medicinal in Asia.
  • In Japan, the chrysanthemum has its own holiday, a festival of happiness celebrated every September 9th.
  • Pruning Chrysanthemum's is not necessary until spring; if you choose to cut back mums leave 6-8" of growth.

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