Story Title: Pruning
Episode: 2
Broadcast Date: 9/3/2014
Presenter: Kim Syrus

You can maximize the output of all of your fruit trees by keeping them well fertilized, bug-free and by giving them a good prune once a year. Kim checks out a range of different pruning tools you can use to make the job much easier and safer, and gives us some great tips to make sure your pruning efforts prove fruitful!

A ‘Stella’ Prune

  • Pruning your tree back will reduce the amount of energy it uses to grow tall. Instead this energy will be used to produce fruiting spurs, which will in turn produce more fruit
  • Gloves, eye protection and ear plugs are a must when pruning
  • For heavy cutting a Pole chainsaw will slice through thick branches, and you can keep your feet in the ground at the same time!
  • Trimming branches allows more light into the tree, and more light means more fruit!
  • Long handed loppers are great for touch-ups in hard to reach places.
  • Cutting branches at an angle reduces the risk of infection to the tree.
  • It’s best to prune a Stella Cherry in late summer or early autumn.
  • If two branches are crossing over they can damage each other by rubbing together, one has to go!



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