Stylish Decking

Story Title: Stylish Decking
Episode: Seven
Broadcast Date: 5th October 2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

If you love the look of a timber deck but get weary at the thought of all the maintenance involved with having a deck then Trevor has the solution for you

Decking Without The Trees

  • There is a new material that looks like timber, is used like timber but it is made from something that was being thrown into landfill previously. Its called ekodeck and uses recycled plastic milk bottles and bamboo, one of the strongest building materials on the planet to make a decking material that solves the problems we've seen before
  • Its waterproof and never requires oiling, painting or any other kind of care because UV protected
  • The finish is a clean non-splintering finish removing any risk of it leaving bare footed guests with splinters. Its non slip which is extremely important and provides a level of safety not possible with timber
  • Installing the decking is exactly the same as if you were installing a timber deck although it has been said to be slightly easier when it comes to the labour side, but you'll use all the same tools
  • It costs a little more up front but the savings in annually oiling cleaning and coating a deck are enormous
  • The Eko-Deck is available exclusively from Bunnings click here for your nearest store

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