Fiskars digging tools

Title: Fiskars digging tools
Episode: 3
Broadcast Date: 16/03/14
Presenter: Kim Syrus

‘Space Age’ and ‘Spade’ don’t often go together, but you will be blown out of this world when you check out Fiskars new range of digging tools. Kim shows us how they work, and how they can help you in your garden.

  • Fiskars’ ergonomic spade has many benefits-it’s very light, the bend at the base of the spade will save your back, and the shape of the teardrop handle is ideal for the shape of your hand, meaning you can get a better grip., and there is no risk of splinters here!
  • Fiskars has also done an overhaul on their line of forks-their streamlined, lighter, provide a better grip and their use of new materials mean no splinter here either. The Boron-steal tines also cut through soil with ease, meaning less pressure on your spine.